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GL Wand Documents

Wands(SAP) 3.0 Server Side Transport Import
A short video demonstrating how easy it is to import the SAP server transport into your own SAP system. See which transport to use, where to copy it to on the SAP server and how to do the import in SAP.
GL Wand for SAP 3.57 Demo
GL Wand for SAP is a proven Excel-based reporting and inquiry tool for finance departments running SAP Financials, which enables highly efficient financial reporting.
Excel4apps - Real time reporting in Excel
Excel4apps A GL Wand for SAP Case Study With Upsher-Smith
Dale Kukielka from Upsher-smith Laboratories highlights some of the benefits the have experienced while using the excel-based GL Wand Solution. Watch this video to get an insight into how excel4apps could transform your financial reporting.
Wands(SAP) 3.0 Server Side Transport Import

RDM Documents

RDM - Report Distribution Manager

The RDM "Report Distribution Manager" (SAP) is an Excel 2007 (or later) add-in that works in conjunction with the Excel4apps Wand (SAP) products. It enables the user to define which reports will be executed and with which parameter values. These reports are then automatically distributed to end users by email or by saving in a folder location. The reports can be in PDF format, with original formulae or in a Snapshot format.
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